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脱出ゲーム 無人島 ヒントページ

iOSアプリ 「脱出ゲーム 無人島」で困ったら見てください。

· アプリ,攻略

1.There are a place where you can dig with a shovel.Find a nipper to use the bound shovel.

2.Hold the nipper and try to tap the shovel.

3.Try to dig graves under the tree using the shovel.
There must be next a hint one of the four graves.

4.Let's try to rotate blocks of the box to make a road from stone to stone.

5.There might be stone with shining stone around the sky. Try to use the binoculars.

6.Let's find a box marked with the sign you've seen with binoculars.
Then try to set six sticks correct height.

7.You've come to be able to enter the tower. Let's find a torch.

8.You've come to be able to enter the tower. Let's find a skull.

9.The sign and height of four trees are related to some machine. Let' try to set the sign and right height.

10.There are a square stone with an ax mark somewhere.
Let's strike with the axe.

11.There are a dock next to four trees. The item you found there will be burned in somewhere.

12.There are a place to make a fire in the tower.
Put firewood and fish on, then try to use a torch with fire. You can get fire from other torch.
Let's offer the fishbone at the altar near the stone statue warrior.

14.Let's offer the fishbone at the altar near the stone statue warrior.

15.The shape of +,-,x on the shields are related to a mechanism of the altar.

16.There might be three color switch on the stone statue warrior's chest.
There seems to be three color's stones near the tower.

17.There has been a change in the next to stone statue warrior.
Let's see if there are something new item.

18.Let's look at a map and put skulls on the "x" position, put the cross on the "+" position.
You should rotate left to relate position of the map and the graveyard.

18_2. You need two skulls to solve mechanism of the graveyard. One of those is under the barrel outside.

There are a place where you can input numbers around the cross.

20.There are a treasure chest which need to open with the key.
Try to search it around the tower.

21.Let's open the treasure box in the tower. There are three hints.
One of those is inside of the box in the graveyard that you've gotten the key.

22.There are a place where you can put three special weapon on.Let's put those at the right place.

Thanks Jo!!!

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